About CDMirror

CDMirror is a full-featured CD-Ripping program, it can extract your information from audio and data CD's.
Yet we want to do more then this, CDMirror is going to become a simple, easy to use and powerfull backup software, where you can store your most precious data and music with a very intuitive interface.

Where to?

From here you can access the project's roadmap and understand what needs to be done.
If you want to help the project grow then access the developer's page.
You can also see how the program looks in the screenshots section.
And while you're here why don't you try out CDMirror? Just go to the download section.

Why CDMirror has no version?

CDMirror is still in an alpha stage, while every feature works how it should there are a number of limitations that do not permit for the first actual release: CDMirror 0.1
This is why no packaged version of CDMirror is ready for download, the only packaged version is in source-code.

User Commitment

From day one user commitment is a big priority, we intend to provide easy to install binary packages and binary distribution packages (DEB, RPM and TGZ), we will also provide an updated user manual. This will have effect from version 1.0

Developer Commitement

We will also comment every source code file explaining clearly what each part does and follow the same coding style guidelines (Sun's guidelines), it will also be provided a simple developer manual explaining how the source code can be compiled and tested. This will have effect from version 0.1